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Robert Harvey


About Us

Hello - please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Robert Harvey and I live in Glasgow, Scotland.It's important to me for you to have an idea who I am, and the experiences that have contributed to where I am today. With all the daily gunk that comes our way, its good to feel connected to other people who can inspire with one new idea or one humorous comment. -The purpose of this note is to give you a brief glimpse of my map of the world - some of which may be of interest and some of which will appear to be absolute "trivia"!

I was born and raised in Glasgow with one brother and three sisters. I was always interested in sport, especially football. Even at an early age, I was setting "goals" in my mind, although at the time I didn't realise that was what I was doing. - Represented Scotland at football at schoolboy level. Played my first professional football game at Hampden Park on New Years Day and scored a goal with my first kick of the ball (this may sound like a Roy of the Rovers story but it all happened!). Drifted through school doing just enough - couldn't see the point of further study - I just wanted to have a good time and enjoy my sport. Spent about 5 years in football, and made all sort of excuses and left. Got married in my early twenties. Realised that I had to earn money and needed a "real" job to pay the mortgage.

I've always had great energy and decided that I wanted to have different careers going in parallel. Worked in Corporate world and I also decided that I wanted to be a Sports Therapist. Trained in the UK and the USA. I'm a graduate from the International Sports Medicine Institute at Lilleshall, I've always had an interest in entrepreneurship and small businesses. I've had a home based business for years which I love. I have worked with hundreds of people across the country and I found myself in the role of Coach and Trainer. Helping them become more has been very rewarding. Each of these relationships is very special to me. I've also owned a clothes shop with friends, and imported stress management tools into the UK from America. I am always willing to try something new. A few years ago I received a letter from Tom Hunter, who is the richest man in Scotland and a mega entrepreneur, that my enthusiasm for things is refreshing! I've still kept that letter.

In 1997 I attended a Mindstore seminar in Glasgow. A life altering experience, meeting phenomenal people and discovering a love for what really makes me tick. This was my first introduction to Personal Growth and I've hunger for more ever since. I decided to leave my full time job - when I told this to the boss he told me to take a Career Break and he would keep a job for me - I nearly fell off my seat when he said this to me. - I took two years off and blew a fortune.

I became involved in a Charity organisation running a clinic in Sarajevo. As soon as I stepped off the plane in Saravejo I knew I was in a special place - the energy was tangible. I've never experienced that in all my travels. I had some skills that could be used to help people in the aftermath of the war. I had the opportunity to meet so many incredible Human Beings whose spirit was unforgettable - so was the black Humour. It's true what they say - a laugh is the same in any language.

Being involved made me think things through and evaluate situations in a way I had not done before. Going into a strange country as part of a small team was a fascinating experience. When I returned I decided to take on the role of Scottish Coordinator. This was more a business role - fundraising, marketing, sponsorship, etc. -I am a qualified as a Professional Life Coach. - I've been practicing as an amateur all my life, and it just feels right to take this next step. I believe that a lot of my discovery over the years is a tremendous resource to call upon in my coaching. From sales to Corporate business to non profit work to home based business and networking - everything I have done is leading me in a direction that I love.

Personal Philosophy
I am a natural optimist. I lead my life with a belief that I create my own reality - the good the bad and the ugly.- with no excuses or explanations needed. The reality is that you can have what you want in your life, if you help other people get what they want. I will not compromise on things that are out of alignment with my values.

Hobbies and Interests
Reading, watching my favourite football team, writing ( I wrote a small book about my experience in Bosnia - I love the research involved in writing), Hill Running, Scuba Diving, socialising, personal development ( to the max), collecting old Remedial Gymnastic books, travelling, going to the Cinema on a Sunday evening as there's nothing like a bit of fantasy to end the weekend while munching a choc ice and pick 'n mix, taking time out to play.

Black Forrest Gateau and Strawberry Cheesecake. My friends say that I would sell my soul for anything dripping in chocolate.

Favourite Quotations

"Mans greatest limitation is that he thinks he has one." - Robert Monroe

"Bitterness is a dreadful stimulant because it destroys the person who takes it "

" The greatest cause of ulcers is mountain climbing over mole hills"

"Happiness is one of the few things in this world that doubles every time you share it with someone else"

"The Devil came to me last night and asked me what I wanted in exchange for my soul. I still can’t believe I said Chocolate cheesecake"

“ The only way you can hurt your body is not use it. “ -  Jack Lalanne.

“ Optimism is faith that lead to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope or confidence. No pessimist ever discovered the stars, or sailed to unchartered land, or opened a new doorway to the human spirit. “ – Helen Keller.

“ It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change “. - Charles Darwin"

Other achievements

  • Created a weekly Newsletter for Networking business

  • Article published in a Health magazine throughout America

  • Moment of Truth tape recorded at the first public speech that I made. It is an odd experience people telling you that they have listened to your voice while driving through London ! Tape is terrible, but what a learning experience.

  • Swam with the Dolphins in Mexico; Scuba dived in the Red Sea: visited the largest football stadium in the world in Rio De Janeiro; ate a mega sandwich in a Deli Bar on 5th avenue in New York; went to Jerusalem and left a note containing some of my sins in the Wailing Wall - it was a long note; did the lambada in Havana; had a fantastic Chinese meal in Hong Kong; had a Thai massage on the beach in Kho Samuai under the brilliant sunshine; meditated in a temple in Thailand and was disturbed by the mobile phone of the monk !; had a large Singapore Sling in Raffles Hotel; attended a World Convention in Toronto and was totally inspired by Jamie Clarke who climbed Mount Everest; Went to Loch Lomond on the first day of the New Millennium; gave a talk to an international group on a ranch high on a hillside in Spain; snorkelled in Hawai: had paella at midnight in Madrid

  • Wrote a "cartoon" book on Network Marketing

  • Making a child in Bosnia laugh (it's a long story)

  • Presented weekly Wellness and Health previews in Glasgow

  • Created the Positive news Scotland Newsletter

  • Created a Christmas book of Positive stories

  • Watched a kaleidoscope of a million stars in the night sky above a little island in India.

  • Contributed a story to a street newspaper in Canada

  • Founder of Glasgow Alternatives an organisation that brings wonderful speakers to town.

  • Created a Christmas Book of 365 inspirational quotes

  • Supported the Basket Brigade Charity

  • Playing football on the Copacabana Beach in Rio

  • Surviving the Tsunami Boxing Day 2004

  • Compiled 1,000 Inspirational quotes

  • Witnessing Neil Diamond “ live” in concert - fantastic

  • Compiled book “ 1,000 Football Notes, Quotes and Anecdotes”

  • Sailing up the Mekong River from Laos in a boat built for two

  • Celebrating New Year 2006 on a beach in India with miles and miles of parties.
  • Reaching the Big 50!!!

  • Trip on the Orient Express train from Bangkok to Singapore : The sing song and party in the bar on the train in the middle of the night with people from all over the world was amazing.

  • Spending some time working in Bangalore – met lots of amazing people.

  • Created a book called “ Before I Grow Too Old “. Gave copies to friends, family etc, as a Christmas present. This is a compilation of all the stories from the Positive News Scotland website.

  • Singing on stage with ABBA in the ABBA museum in Stockholm. You record your song in  the Polar Studio, then  experience a  hologram illusions as you  enter the stage together with the band.  It is very strange experience, but great fun.  Your song is recorded , but luckily for everyone ours was deleted after 30 days  ! .- It was snowing in Stockholm that day, and it is great city to visit.

  • Statement in the Scottish Parliament from our local MP about some work I had done in our local community.

  • Attended the Loony Dook on New Years Day : for 30 years thousands of ‘Dookers’ have taken part in the annual dip in the freezing River Forth in the shadow of the world-famous Forth Bridges in South Queensferry in Scotland. Many revellers dress up in fancy dress for their swim : I am sure I seen Elvis Presley last year.

  • One of my favourite films is The Girl with Dragon Tatoo. It was written by Stieg Larsson who had an amazing life story. We did the walking Dragon tour in Stockholm with a local guide who was full of stories and local knowledge. The original film with Noomi Rapace was the best in my opinion.

  • Signed book I received from Jan Carlzon. It was a copy of his famous book “ Moments of Truth “. He also sent me a copy of the famous “ Lets Get in There and Fight “  - we are here for Customers not the other way round “ booklet.  Many regard him as the original father of Customer Service/ Service Delivery. He turned around the SAS company from losing 17 million dollars a year to a profit of 54 million dollars. Everything was focused on the front line service staff. 

  • I received a letter from Tom Hunter, who is one of the richest man in Scotland and a mega entrepreneur, that my enthusiasm for things is refreshing!  I've still kept that letter. He also sent me a copy of a book by Sam Walton called “ Made in America “.

  • Created a Social Network site called www.rutherglensgreatest.com  --  

  • Sailing on the backwaters of Kerala while eating coconut curry, drinking cold beer, and just watching the world sail bye

  • Started a speaking club in Glasgow and invited many inspiration speakers to tell their story. This club had free entry to anyone who was unemployed or just needed to hear something other than negativity.

  • Meeting in Chicago with Dave Bouffard who runs a positive news network in America. What an interesting guy who has had a huge amount of life experiences and shares so much with others.

  • Scoring a goal on my professional football debut at the national football stadium on New Years Day.

  • Going for a drink in the world famous Bamboo Bar in the Oriental Hotel.  Oh what a night. Just try this once in your life.

  • Wrote a book of my experiences working in Sarajavo at the end of the war in Bosnia. I met many incredible people in Bosnia and all had a unique story to tell.

  • Growing up my favourite footballer was Bobby Murdoch, who came from our home town. In his prime he was widely regarded as being one of the best midfield players in Europe. He won the European Cup. I wrote a book called “the bhoy from Rutherglen – Bobby Murdoch “. It was a joy doing this book. I had the great fortune to speak to many people who knew him, and I was also was privilege to meet his wife Kartheen, who was a great help and full of stories.

  • Worked as part of the Basket Brigade team in Glasgow that distributed food baskets on Christmas Eve to families that needed some help over the festive season.

  • Officiated at the ceremony of my nephew’s wedding in the grounds of a beautiful Chateau in the South of France.  It was a great honour to be asked to do this. The sun was shining all day, the bride looked beautiful, all the best men were resplendent in their kilts, the wedding went smoothly, and everyone had a great time dancing the night away..  

  • Survived a high speed drive in the darkest of nights from Kandy to Colombo in Sri Lanka, Now that was scary.

  • Dolphin watching in the waters in North of Scotland near Inverness. What a beautiful part of the country.

  • Going to the source of the famous River Clyde in the Leadhills. Being amazed at the size and sight of the  Daer Reservoir. The dam is huge. It contains 5,300 million gallons of water.

  • Driving along the Amalfi coast in Italy and down a corridor of lemon trees.  The smell was amazing and the views even better.

  • Scored a hat trick ( 3 goals ) in a professional football game against Airdrie. It was one of those days that everything I tried on the pitch worked.

  • Having a meal in probably the best restaurant in the world – the "'O Parrucchiano restaurant “ in Sorrento.  Guests are  taken up the  stairway leading from the historical XVIII century rooms of the "Trattoria" to the enchanted garden, where the scent of lemon and orange blossoms is in the air. Fantastic food, and a setting so unusual it is difficult to describe. You need to experience it. ( or google it )  

  • Along with work colleagues assisted  the  “Loaves and Fishes” charity in Glasgow  to help homeless people in Glasgow. We used this as team building exercise which allowed a number of colleagues  to learn new business skills.  One of the most sobering aspects was driving around Glasgow after midnight and seeing so many unfortunate people having to live and sleep under the stars even on the coldest nights. I will never forget the family who slept in a crypt at the  Necropolis next to the Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

  • Winning a competition to write an essay/description on  “ How to spend a  Perfect 24 hours “. The prize was a retreat for a week. Amazing experience.

  • Seeing my first mobile phone on a street in Hong Kong in early 1990’s. It was huge. It must have taken hours to recharge that thing.

  • Going to a Christmas party in a log cabin in the centre of Berlin. Those Germans know how to a good time. Oh what a night.

  • Having a dram of Glendronach 21 year old Parliament whisky. It is aged in a mix of sherry casks (Oloroso and sweet Pedro Ximenez dessert sherry). Superb drink . Named “Parliament” after the collective term for a group of birds/ rooks – and there is a Parliament of Rooks living in the trees near GlenDronach Distillery, located in Forgue by Huntly in Aberdeenshire.

  • Surviving an “attack “ from a monkey in Ao Nang. I wish that had been captured on film. It was hilarious.

  • My mother had Alzheimers for several years. The care and support  she received from many health professionals was extraordinary. They did everything to help her maintain her dignity right to the end. I donated all proceeds from a book that I did to the local care home. They were looking to invest in a Light Therapy room to help others with Alzheimers/Dementia. This is an area that I am keen to find out more about and support further. 

  • Going for a run on the Cathkin Braes on Christmas morning in the deep snow. The Braes have the highest point in the Glasgow area and from 190 metres high you have panoramic views across the whole of the city. 

  • Worked in a Chiropody Clinic in the South side of Glasgow that provided a free service to homeless people to look after their feet. It astounded me that some people had toe nails 6 inches long and had not washed/cleaned their feet in months/years. One of the incredible things to me once was that you started a conversation with people who visited the clinic many had successful lives ( business, marriage, family, etc ) but one event changed their lives forever and they ended on the street. It can happen to anyone.  

  • Stood on the spot in Sarajevo where Gavrilo Princip assassinated the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sofia in June 1914. This triggered World War One. The world today may have looked so differently but for this event. It gave me a chill.

  • Visited  Pearl Harbour in Hawai: The Japanese  attack led to the United States' entry into World War Two.  The world today may have looked so differently but for this event. It gave me a chill.

  • Stood on the spot at Dunoon waterfront at the War memorial : my grandfather’s name is on the list of men who gave their life for this country. He was in the navy and his ship was bombed and sunk off the coast of Crete. My father lost his Dad at such a young age. It gave me a chill.

  • Celebrated New Years Eve in different countries around the world , but it is hard to beat a windswept Glasgow on Hogmanay in the rain.

  • Sponsored a child in the third world.

  • Collect sports paintings. My favourite artist is William Neilly ( The Glesca Artist ) and I have some originals from him including one commissioned to paint a scene from my home town. Some of his works are on http://www.glescapals.com/profiles/wneilly.htm -

  • My parents, especially my mother, were very proud when I first played for Scotland ( schoolboy, amateur/youth level ) against England. She was in the crowd and it was unusual for her to attend a football match. ( On the other hand, when I turned professional. My wife used to get upset if someone in the crowd shouted an insult at me !  - I used to tell her “ , it is only an opinion – that’s what happens in football ).

  • One beautiful summers morning from a hill high above  Brig O Turk in the Trossachs in Scotland watched the sunrise: it was spectacular. Then later that day from the same place watched the sunset, which was even more spectacular. Very unusual experience. It focuses the mind on the amount of time available to each of us every day.

  • Went for a run with Olympian and former world  record middle distance holder runner David Moorcroft. He was hosting a business course that I attended and at the end of day asked if anyone wanted to go for a run. I volunteered. Big mistake. I was gasping for breath while he was still doing his warm up jog.

  • I have been to see the Scottish comedian Billy Connelly “ live “ on stage a number of times.  Laughed so much I almost had a hernia. What a night out.

  • Going shopping with my wife on Rodeo Drive – that also almost gave me a heart attack with the inflated prices ! . Luckily I survived with my credit card still in credit and avoided another world recession.

  • On Christmas Eve we attend the midnight service in the great Glasgow Cathedral.  The great Cathedral was built in the 11th century and is a great landmark in the city full of history. On Christmas Eve it is jam packed with people from all over the world, and the Cathedral Choir sing the Christmas Carols that resonate around the ancient architecture. It is a  wonderful, friendly atmosphere and the cathedral is beautifully decorated. At the end of the service the great church bells peal out  across the city. When the great big oak doors are opened at the end of the service the night views across Glasgow are fantastic.   
    MUCH MORE TO DO , TO SEE,  TO EXPERIENCE,  AND PEOPLE TO MEET.  Site will be updated as new things happen.


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