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1. "Thank You for your Newsletter. The story about The Fog reminded me of my trip to Scotland 4 years ago. I still remember the beauty of climbing the hills and the friendly Scots. I can close my eyes and its almost like I am there again Thank you for reminding me."
Mary Lou Hoynes, Ohio, USA

2. "Thanks very much for allowing me an insight into your brain - I really enjoyed the stories. I especially liked the part about how you can never say the wrong thing to the right person, because I often speak without my brain being engaged." … Arlene

3. Hi Robert - This is good. I liked the story of the Athlete,Warrior and Statesman. Out of interest why do you have Magpies on your headed notepaper?
…. Gail

4. Thank You for your newsletter - very inspirational.
Danny, London

5. Excellent Robert..Story number 6 about Old Father Time was good. It makes you wonder how much time people waste in the predictable 9 to 5 lives.

6. Your newsletters are wonderful and Inspiring. I would like your permission to forward to my Team. Cheers.
Joanie, Colorado, USA.

7. Hi Robert. Thanks for the Newsletters. Number 6 is very topical for me at the moment. I am currently reading A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking. - your man Einstein and his relatives get a good mention. That's if you have the time, but hey it's all relative after all. Looking forward to your book.
Tom, Edinburgh.

8. Thanks Robert. I always enjoy reading the Newsletter. I also remember the kind words you shared with me.
Brian, London

9. Thank you for sending me your wee book. What a great tonic. I've been gradually reading through and laughing my head off at times.

10. I enjoyed number 16 - nice story.
Mark, London

11. Many Thanks for story number 8 - I have just had a little cry ,but it has buoyed me up for the weekend after a long hard week.
Lesley, Dunoon.

12. I don't often have a spare afternoon these days, but today I do and sued it to take it easy and read your Newsletters. I feel glad I did (Number 9).
Thanks Ian, London

13. Always great to receive the Newsletter. I particularly enjoyed Number 11 about The Fog.
David, Glasgow

14. Thank you for your inspiration. Wishing you and your family joy and peace at Christmas.
Maire, Paisley

15. Thank you for your Newsletter and the delightful story of the Shopkeeper.(Number 12). I sent it off to friends of mine who know my views on the shopping experience on crutches or in a wheelchair. Your Newsletter is a lovely idea.
Vicky Patterrson

16. Thanks for your Newsletter. Have you read the book "Fish"? It's a book that illustrates just what you have been talking about in your Newsletter and shows how we can all develop this attitude to work. Of course I'm preaching to the initiated!
Janet Russell

17. Happy New Year Robert. I was stunned that you have never heard of the Emperor's New Clothes. ! Your newsletter has once again got me thinking so it is serving its purpose.

18. Hi Uncle. My Dad just emailed me your newsletter and it is really cool.. I knew you had been lots of places in the world, but I didn't know Thailand was one of them. The story of Mr.Koo ( number 12) was neat. How did you get to all those amazing countries, I mean what was the purpose. My lifeplan is to see the Seven Wonders of the World and Paul wants to take me to the Taj Mahal. Havea wonderful Christmas.
Charlene, USA

19. Thanks for this Robert (Number 18). When you read stories like this you realise we take so many things for granted. I was singing with my Dad on Sunday night and you know, you never can tell when a "special moment" ( something that touches you deep inside) comes along. As I watched him, I could actually feel the pleasure he was getting from performing and he sang to me, I'll never forget the joy on his face, its things like this that make life priceless.

20. Life is giving me huge challenges just now and I am not sure why I have invited them in. Funny I was thinking of you yesterday reading the newsletter(Number14) because when we met last year I felt there was something, some wisdom you had to give me but I didn't know what it was… so I think our paths have to cross at some point. Anyway, thank you. Jane,London

21. A belated Happy New Year. Just a quick thank you for all your wonderful encouraging newsletters.
Alison, Edinburgh

22. I loved the story about the Chinese store keeper.

23. Thanks for the latest edition of the Newsletter - always a good read I find.

24. Thanks real nice Story (Number 19 Valentine's Day).You should get a job in the Scottish tourist industry. I got so caught up reading that I thought "that sounds an interesting place. I want to go there. Then I realised I am!! I have forwarded to my relatives in Canada.
Elaine Duffy

25. Thank you for your Newsletter. I have just experienced a train journey up and down to Aberdeen and I can really relate to your story (number 23). And yes I will be going o the cinema this weekend.
Morag Fleming, Community Fundraising Manager

26. Hi Robert. Just to let you know I chose number 6 and I don't know how many times I have said this week " I'm so happy for you".(newsletter number 22). Spooky or what!!
Patricia, Glasgow West End.

27. Thanks for all the Inspirational thoughts you send my way.
Jackie Brankin

28. I am enjoying our Newsletters and have Scotland in my head for June. Thought any more about Heart At Work Scotland?
Helen, Johannesburg, South Africa

29. Hooray Robert. I managed to open your newsletter Number 21. Brilliant, and so say all of us about Mothers.

30. Newsletter number 20 brought a ray of sunshine into a cloudy day. Thank You. Not one usually to feel tearful, I felt a big globule of salty water roll down my cheek as I read about your friend making time each day to tell his daughter how lucky he is to be her Dad. I hope he never underestimates how much a powerful influence that will be in her life. The story was magical - a lovely one to share.
Pam, Carlisle, England.

31. Thanks for the Newsletters, unfortunately the last two were blank attachments. Is this to make us think or is there a problem? Can you please add my friends in Malta to your mailing list.
Diane, Newcastle

32. Thank you for your information. I meant to let you know that I have now got a job working for a charity. I find the work challenging and enjoyable.
Catriona MacDonald, London

33. I love receiving the Newsletter and I usually print them off and read them later. I have just read Number 16 and just to let you know my screensaver has the words " we make a living by what we get: we make a life by what we give". Looking forward to the next ones.

34. Happy New Year. You are doing a wonderful job with the Newsletter. I have attached a few special words I found the other day. I hope you like them as much as I do. Orra best for 2002.
Lorraine, Glasgow

35. Having raced around Sainsbury's at 8am this morning, it was good to come into the office and find your Newsletter(Number 13) waiting for me. It made me pause long enough to realise how much I am grateful for, memories of places like the Barras, and the time I give my son - just the juice that makes life flow.

36. Excellent story (Number 2). I loved it and believe that is what life is all about.Who cars what type of fool you make of yourself as long as you advance - I don't. You only know your limits by going past them - but then, by going past them you suddenly have stretched them and moved the goalposts forward, and that's what life is about.
Jim, Glasgow

37. Thankyou for the lovely little red book. You've inspired me to get my website out.
Pam, London

38. Thanks for all your stories they are truly inspirational.
Dom, London

39. Thank You for my first Newsletter. I enjoyed it and hope to receive more.
Richard Wallace, Marysvile, California

40. You made me laugh on a day when I really needed to laugh.
Vicky, Glasgow

41. Thank You so much for Evolver number 39 and your inspiration and positive attitude. Wishing you a glorious day. I think there is room for a new business in Scotland the manufacture of outrageously bright and cheerful raincoats!
Joyce, Paisley

42. Thank You for the newsletters that continue to make me smile.
Maggie, Ontario, Canada.

43. I just had a greet at the latest Evolver Number 37! My husband is in India for 5 weeks and the star-gazing story really touched me.
Angela, Glasgow

44. Just looking at your website and it is wonderful. Please send me your positive stories.
Jay, Oklahoma, USA

45. This is a wee note to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful newsletters. Number 41 ( The Sunshine Letter) found me pretty low and feeling like the one small candle in the darkness you wrote about. But this small candle will no longer be extinguished. Thank You Glasgow.
Hazel, Hampshire, England

46. I really like your Evolver because it always makes me smile. I smile a lot and because I am generally like that, it is nice to see someone like yourself passing around good cheer.
Jane, Devon, England

47. Many thanks for your latest newsletter. Refreshing for an exile in Melbourne, Australia since 1964.
Geordie Grace

48. Ive just received your latest newsletter. It was like a breath of fresh air blowing across the waves of junk mail spanning the Internet. I lived in Scotland for 7 years and sometimes I feel quite nostalgic when I read about Scotland. I love the country.
Geoffrey, Wales.

49. Thank you for your newsletter it inspired me to read your whole website! Life feels like a HUGE transition right now. I am confused and not a clue where life is leading me.
Mary, Renfrewshire.

50. Thank you the newsletters I find them fascinating and inspiring. I have just woken up to life and have such a zest and want to broaden my horizons. Your correspondence is helping me do that. I look forward to the Joy of Laughter evening.

51. I am the editor of a street newspaper here in Vancouver, Canada and stumbled across your website and was wondering if you would share any positive newsletters with our readers?
Derek, Canada

52. I thank you for posting the Newsletter – much better than the daily newspapers.
Janet , Renfrewshire

53. Thank you for your support – it is amazing what words of encouragement can move people in the direction of their dreams.
Puccetta, Sydney

54. I have just read your Newsletter Number 45 and had a good laugh.

55. I do appreciate your efforts and it does move me to greater things. I am getting married to an angel of a man on Saturday!
Judy, Cumbernauld

56. This is undoubtedly one of the bestest Newsletters ( Number 46) that I’ve ever read.
Mike – www.yes-scotland.com

57. Your newsletter email brightens up my life. So thank you.
Phil, Bury, England

58. I have enjoyed reading your site and newsletter very much. I look forward to more.
Janice, Australia

59. Your newsletter (Number 46) was really welcome - I have smiled throughout the wee stories whilst my potato is baking in the oven! Also a BIG Thank You for your Christmas Book of quotes.  I loved the cover picture as well as the wonderful quotes.

60. Is it possible to have your newsletter sent to my work email? It would be nice to read it especially after a challenging Customer Call. As the old saying goes, what you concentrate on expands. So I like to read something positive right after a situation that is trying to pull me down. When I concentrate to read something Positive, there is no space in my mind anymore for the negativity to expand.
Leena, Finland

61. Thank You across the internet for the booklet of stories you sent me.
Lynn, Singapore

62. I live in Korea and would like to read your stories. Thank You
David Cha

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