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Welcome to Positive News Scotland. My goal is very simple - to share with you a FREE Newsletter rich in ideas and inspiring stories. It is said that a picture paints a thousand words, and a story paints a thousand pictures. Everyone remembers a good story.

There are no new or unique human needs or wants - they have been the same for the last 2,000 years - Health, Relationships, Education, Money, Self-Esteem, Beauty, Beliefs, Sport, Nature, Spirit, Fun, Family, Freedom. Over the next weeks I will share stories on most of these subjects with you. Some stories will inspire or inform, or just make you smile. Many will close with a QUESTION rather than an answer. They are designed not only to be remembered but to stimulate you to think.

Over the last 4 years I have been on a magic carpet ride and had many different life experiences. But the thing that has given me the most joy is that many amazing people have popped into my life - many leave a positive and lasting impression by their attitude, drive, integrity and a real zest for life. All have been branded with the mark of enthusiasm. It has been great.

But no matter where I have travelled, I have come to the conclusion that deep deep down we are all the same. So my big dream is no matter where you are sitting reading this Newsletter - in Spain or America or Singapore or Thailand or Brazil or Canada or Sweden or Kenya or South Africa or whatever country you are in - that you take a few minutes to read this Newsletter and that you enjoy it.

All that I ask is that if you find yourself wanting to share the story with others, just do it - a friend, brother, sister, neighbour, colleague, bank manager - please just pass it on. The stories may not set the world alight, but lets start some good bonfires.

Robert Harvey.


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