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Share your story

Stories are all around us: in books or magazines or the local newspaper or the movies or seminars or TV or radio or from people we talk to every day or from our own personal experience. Reading about other peoples stories can be very transformational. Or they can be read simply for entertainment and enjoyment.

Everyone has a story to tell be it personal, or something you have read or heard that inspired or motivated you.

The next time you have five minutes to spare do you know what you should do - just think about your story. Switch off the mobile phone, the computer, the pager, the TV, the radio, put down the paper or magazine. Think about a positive story you would like to share with others. What would it be? There is someone out there waiting to hear your story.

If you have a favourite story or two I would love to hear from you. Please click glasgowquotes@yahoo.co.uk All stories will be acknowledged. Thank You.

Robert Harvey

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